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Difference Between Interior Designer And Interior Decorator

Many people hardly know the difference between an interior designer, and an interior designer. In fact, even newspapers and some online sites use these words without distinction, sometimes using the terms wrongly. But in simple terms, an interior designer helps design; while an interior decorator helps decorate your home long after it has been designed and put up.

  • An interior designer is often involved in the very designing and putting up of a home, with intent to meet the client needs and preferences. They use a coordinated and systematic methodology that may include analysis, research, and integration of skills and knowledge.
  • In most countries, there are strict laws that dictate that an interior designer should be registered and licensed. In fact, all interior designers should have earned the NCIDQ, which is a form of certification that demonstrates their qualifications.
  • On the other hand, an interior decorator is hardy involved in any designing or layout of the home space. Rather, theirs is merely to help decorate and arrange furniture, get the right colors, the texture of a given room, etc.
  • More often than not, an interior decorator doesn’t need any professional training or qualifications. Their duty is to help modify and beautify the space according to the preferences of the home owner.
  • One thing worth clarifying though is that top interior designers > may decorate a space, and carryout the roles of an interior decorator; but an interior decorator cannot perform the roles of an interior designer.
  • It makes more sense therefore to hire the services of an interior designer compared to a decorator. This is because the former can easily multitask, and perform both the designing and decoration.
  • Anyone, including yourself, can decorate your home or office space; but it takes a professional interior designer to do it flawlessly, while adhering to the principles and rules of interior design.

A day in the life of an Interior Designer


Always conduct some research before hiring an interior designer, so that you’re sure you’re working with the best one possible.

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