How To Get An EHIC Card From A Website That’s Reliable

ehic-from-a-websiteNowadays, more and more UK citizens are turning to third party websites, to help them apply for the European Health Insurance Card. And this has been contributed by several factors, chief among them the fact that these sites are always able to get the cards ready and on time. For someone that wishes to travel on short notice for holiday or business across the EU, the entire application process may seem long. But with the right website, you are able to get assurances that your card is ready and processed by the time of your departure. Besides, the websites are very instrumental in offering UK citizens advice on what to expect in the different EU countries.

  • When looking for a reliable website to help apply for your EHIC, ensure that the site is run by experienced and knowledgeable agents. You can test their understanding of how things work, by evaluating their answers to your questions. You can ask simple, basic questions to ascertain their suitability. What conditions or emergencies does the card cover? After how long does the card expire, and what is the replacement procedure? Such simple questions will help you know whether you are dealing with a reliable website or not.
  • In this day and age, most websites have embraced technology. Get a website that has open communication channels, and one that constantly updates you on the status of your EHIC or the old E111 health insuarance card application. Preferably, such a website should send you mobile texts, either to update you on the progress, or even reminding you on when you need to renew a card that’s about to expire. Email alerts are also a great way to keep you posted on just what’s happening to your EHIC application.
  • Once you’ve identified the right website for the job, you’ll need to provide them with your full names, street address, date of birth, as well as your NHS number. Residents of Ireland will need to give their Health and Care number, while those in Scotland will need to give their CHI number. The fact that these websites are manned 24/7 means that you can pass over your personal details any time or day, and have the application process initiated there and then. Again, this should be good news for those that have to travel on a short notice and need to have their card as soon as possible.
  • There are a lot of things that you get to learn from a reliable website, more than just applying or renew ehic card for, and receiving your European Health Insurance Card. You see, most of these sites are run by guys that have been doing this job for years. They are fully acquainted on how different healthcare systems in different EU nations work. You’re thus able to know what to expect in the EU destination you wish to visit.


Don’t break a sweat worrying yourself about how to have your EHIC ready if you plan to travel across Europe; get a reliable website and let them do the application on your behalf. They are fast and super affordable, not to mention the wealth of advice they’ll share with you.

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