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What Are the Important Components of a Fire Evacuation Plan?

fire evacuation plan

The safety of the property is an important consideration. Whether it is a domestic property or a commercial building, the occupants want to feel safe. A building can hold a number of hazards that can do a lot of damage if left unattended. It is important that the building is equipped with a fire safety system. It will not just keep the property safe from fires but also minimize the damage in case of a fire incident.

Installing the fire safety system is just the first step of dealing with fire hazards. Fires are dangerous and they can spread in minutes so despite safety precautions there should be an evacuation plan. It makes sure that there is no loss of life in case of a fire.

Here are a few important things that are an integral part of an evacuation policy and all the occupants should be aware of these things.

fire evacuation

  1. If the fire alarm sounds you should always take it seriously. The fire alarms can often sound by mistake but the sound of the alarm means that you need to get out of the building. Do not just assume that the alarm is sounding because of a test or by mistake. Never ignore the sound of a fire alarm.
  2. The evacuation plan should have an elaborate escape plan that covers all the details. A detailed escape plan ensures that people can get out of the building without any accident. If the occupants of the building are not aware of the escape route then they can easily panic. If everyone just running around without the plan then the injuries can increase. The people should evacuate the building by following the safest and closest escape routes so that they can get out of the building without any problem.
  3. The evacuation plan should clearly indicate that the elevators should not be used. Using elevators is extremely dangerous as they can stop working in case of a fire emergency and people can get stuck. Always use the emergency staircase.
  4. Once you are outside the building then you should assemble across the street. It is better to take shelter in a nearby building and call the fire services. Never gather too close to the building because it can be dangerous.

important components of fire evacuationGathering in front of the building is also dangerous as you will be hindering the path of firefighters. The people should not obstruct the path of fire trucks and firefighters who are trying to save the property and get people stuck in the building to safety.

If the fire is on the upper floors it can cause the glass windows to blow out, making the area below the building hazardous. It will protect people from serious personal injuries.

  1. Once you get out of the building you should never re-enter the building for any reason. The building is only safe to enter once the fire department declares it safe. The fire department assesses the building and checks the safety system to ensure its efficient working.

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